Flash Card Resources


UpSparks AR – download for iOS

Bring your multiplication flash cards to life with UpSparks AR! Watch as your cards fly out of the box and flip around the room, exploding and popping in the brand new augmented reality learning game from UpSparks.

Brainy Bingo – Download

A mathematical spin on the classic game. Cross of boxes as you answer questions correctly and be the first to call BINGO!!!

Get your pre-made and template Bingo cards in resources section below.

Wall of Mastery – Download

Use your mathematical prowess to battle friends and classmates. Answer correctly to add bricks to your ‘Wall of Mastery’, knock down the competition and build the biggest wall to win!

More coming soon…

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Times Table Worksheets – Download

All tables in sequence (0-12) with blank spaces left for learners to complete answers.

Worksheet Generator Tool

Generate unique question sheets containing tables 0-12.
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More coming soon…

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Printable Multiplication Flash Cards – Download

Free printable version of our UpSparks Multiplication Flash Cards. 169 double-sided cards with easy-cut guides.

Brainy Bingo Cards

Multiplication Bingo Cards – Download
Blank Bingo Cards – Download

More coming soon…

Let us know what resources you would like see at feedback@upsparks.com.